You will find the inner fillet of the Major National Attractions in our nearby.

It was not a co incidence that several national and international famous painters came here in last century. J C Dahl, Flintoe, Fearnly and others; in our landscape they found inspiration to create and paint. The ”National Gallery” in Oslo has several examples of this production.

Kjørnes Camping and Fjord Cabins is situated by the old main road from the east to the west. A picturesque area; populair for recreation and day-trips for our local inhabitants as well as for our guests at the site.

The farm Kjørnes has been housing several sivil servants during the 1700 and 1800 century. Most famous is the preserved house on the farm, build in 1736. Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder was born here, the first missionary in Zululand (South Africa)

Whether you choose peace and recreation at the site by the Sognefjord, or an active holiday; In one hour by car you may reach:

  • SognefjordenThe Longest Fjord, 204 km. At the deepest 1300 metres, surrounded by mountains at the highest 1700 metres. National Geographic ”The worlds best travel target”
  • Nærøyfjorden:On Unesco`s World Heritage List. Narrow, wild and dramatic.
  • Daily boat tripsIferrie: between Kaupanger and Gudvangen brings you in to a spectacular scenery.
  • The Flåm Railway:A dramatic trip by train, through 20 km it has an amazing climb of 900 metres.
  • Urnes stavechurch:The oldest stave church in Norway. Also on Unesco`s World Heritage List. 
  • Jostedalsbreen/Jostedalsglacier : The biggest glacier on mainland Europe.
  • The Glacier Centre in Jostedal :by the foot of the Nigards- glacier and at the entrance to Jostedalsbreen National Park. Informative and historical documentation of life on and around the glacier. Breathtaking panoramafilm from the glacier.
  • Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland is a hands-on museum about ice, glaciers, landscape and climate. Do your own experiments with 1000-year old ice from the Jostedalsbreen glacier.
  • Sognefjellsvegen Road / main road 55; the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe
    … one of the most beautiful one as well… From 0 – 1400 metres in 15 min.
  • Jostedalsbreen- Jotunheimen- and Breheimen- 3 National Parks. Experience why this status…
  • Sogn Folkemuseum: one of the oldest and biggest folk museums in Norway. A large open-air museum with extensive exhibitions.
  • Sogn Fjord Museum: Historical fjord cultur.
  • Booktown in Fjærland: thousands of books on sale in old authentic buildings.
  • Feigum waterfall: 218 metres, 30 min by feet from the car.
  • Stone churces from 1170 – 1200 century. Hove and Dale. Spectacular architecture and ornaments.
  • Sognefjord Aquarium : Fjordcenter where you can study more than 100 species from the Sognefjord. Fishing activities, rowing boats and canoes. Film and gallery.
  • Gallery Walaker: Preserved barn build 1883. Gives the exhibitions a special frame.
  • Jostedal power station : Guided exhibition inside the mountain where the waterpower is transformed to electrical power.
  • Urnes Deer Farm : You may come close up to these proud and usually shy animals.
  • Fridtjof den Frøkne/Fridtjof The Bold 22 metres tall bronse statue, a gift from KaiserWilhelm in 1913

We offer enormous variation, from the wildest and most beautiful to more dramatic scenery. This we may share with you




We offer enormous variation, from the wildest and most beautiful to more dramatic scenery:

This we may share with you!