Kjornes Camping is an ideal base to explore the Sognefjord area, for both small or longer trips, by feet or by car.

Hikes in our nearby are represented by lots of alternatives. 
The nr 10 and The Must Do is a hike to ”Molden”
This hike got the score 10 out of 10 from our biggest national newspaper, twice!
Leave our site by car, drive for 20 min, follow very good marked route to the top. Approx 3 hours (both ways) you`ve experienced some of the most magnificent view you`ve ever seen…

Hikes in the terrain, on small roads, along the shoreline of the Sognefjord, to the mountains, to the tops, to cow- and goat- stays…the number of alternatives are enormous.

On longer, more advanced hikes, you may walk with a experienced professional guide.

In Jotunheimen there are several 2000 metres peaks.


Glacier walks: Guided hikes on different arms of the main glacier, Jostedalsbreen.
From the easiest ”family walks” to more advanced guided trips.
Led by ”Jostedalen Breførarlag” and ”Leirdalen Bre og Juv” .

Glacier Walks combined with Kayaking on the Glacier Lake, trips with or without overnight stay, led by ”Ice Troll” Kayak on The Sognefjord, you may meet the seals in their private environment with ”Fjord Seal” in Marifjøra.

River Canyoning, in rivers and waterfalls, full equipment in safe surroundings, ”Leirdalen Bre- og Juv”

Rafting in the Jostedøla river, through spectaculair landscape, from family trips to riverboarding, ”Ice Troll” Rib Tour on the Songefjord through dramatic fjordlancscape to roadless farms as Finnabotn, ”Charter Cruise” Riding: 15 min from the site you may join Agna at ”Hodlekve Ranch”


Cycling: in the terrain, along roads, - combined with a hike.
Fishing: For free along the Sognefjord, a small payment for fishing in the lakes.
Climbing: Outside 5 km from the site, arranged in the terrain. Inside we have the best facilities in Northern Europe.
Boattrips: the Fjord and the lakes are available for all, bring your own boat or join a local alternative.
Swimming: Outside in the Fjord (max temp 20*) or inside 4 km from the site.
Playground Indoor: 300 square metres, 4 km from the site.
Farm visit: Farms in the valley by road 5 in ”Sogndalsdalen” 10 km from the site. 
Cow-stay/Goat-stay: 15 km from the site. Milk a goat and make your own cheese.
Ski-centres: Cross-raod/Alpine/Powder skiing/Mountain trips. 2 centres in the nearby, Sogndal Skisenter and Sogn Skisenter, web site

Kjornes-the ideal base

The site is an ideal base to explore the Sognefjord area, for both small or longer trips, by feet or by car.